Happy Goat Coffee

The New "Kids" on the block...

At Happy Goat coffee we roast a wide range of beans every week for our growing customer base. We then deliver these (often still warm!) to farmshops, cafe's, coffee shops, bars and restaurants throughout Nottinghamshire. 

Our ethos is simple. We roast the finest quality coffee beans sourced from around the globe to the highest standard possible. We only roast in 3kg batches to ensure we have total control over the roast profile giving our customers the best results.

Our origins-
Mexican (Decaffeinated) 

We supply our coffee in 2 different formats. Retail bags for your customers to buy in store and as 1kg whole bean bags for you to run through your espresso machine. 

Want to know more? Contact one of our baristas on 0115 837 9805

Minimum shelf life delivered 6 months